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What you are looking for is in the library by Michiko Aoyama


Rating: 5/5

What It’s About:

What are you looking for? So asks Tokyo’s most enigmatic librarian. For Sayuri Komachi is able to sense exactly what each visitor to her library is searching for and provide just the book recommendation to help them find it.

A restless retail assistant looks to gain new skills, a mother tries to overcome demotion at work after maternity leave, a conscientious accountant yearns to open an antique store, a recently retired salaryman searches for newfound purpose.

In Komachi’s unique book recommendations they will find just what they need to achieve their dreams. What You Are Looking For Is in the Library is about the magic of libraries and the discovery of connection. This inspirational tale shows how, by listening to our hearts, seizing opportunity and reaching out, we too can fulfill our lifelong dreams. Which book will you recommend?

Harper Collins

The Review

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins for giving me an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review.

What You Are Looking For Is In the Library was the perfect book to read and exactly the right time that I needed it. If you are a fan of “slice of life” genre, this book fits the bill. This book made me feel cozy like a soft sweater and cup of hot coffee.

The development of the characters caught me off guard with every short story that read. At first, the character seems so plain and ordinary, but complex layers are revealed as their story unfolds. I enjoyed reading about each of their struggles and ambitions. I could relate to each of the characters in some way or another.

Another thing that I enjoyed was that each of the characters lived in the same neighborhood and visited the same library. Even though each character had their own story/chapter, there were moments where they would crossover into others in different ways. By the time I finished the book, I felt like I was a part of the community too!

To sum it up… What You Are Looking For Is In The Library is hopeful, uplifting and gentle. It is the perfect book to lift a weary heart.

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