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September 2023 Book Releases

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Hi, friends!

Here are the September book releases that I’m really looking forward to. My personal favorite place to look for reviews on new books is Kirkus Reviews. In this post, I will include the book cover, link to the review, genre, audience, and brief comment from the Kirkus review. Maybe you will add some of these books to your list!

What You Are Looking For Is In The Library by Michiko Toyama

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult

A delightful, gentle unfolding of stories that offer hope and joy to those who find themselves in a pivotal moment in life.

Landlines by Rayor Winn

Genre: Historical Fiction

Audience: Biography / Memoir

Winn exudes the soul of a poet and the grit of a survivor.

Night Watch by Jayne Anne Philips

Genre: Historical Fiction

Audience: Adult

Haunting storytelling and a refreshing look at history.

Beyond The Door of No Return by David Drop

Genre: Historical Fiction

Audience: Adult

A mesmerizing tale.

The Prince & The Coyote by David Bowles

Genre: Historical Fiction

Audience: Young Adult


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