Mini Reviews: Wild Girls / The Milkweed Lands

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of these books in exchange for an honest review!

Wild Girls by Tiya Miles

Rating: 3/5

Pub date: Sept. 19, 2023

Wild Girls was an enjoyable book overall. I learned new information about the lives of women in history. I didn’t know these women had such a personal connection to nature. I REALLY enjoyed learning about the Fort Shaw female basketball team. I struggled with the writing style. The frequency and method of how Miles connected the different stories was difficult for me to follow.

The Milkweed Lands by Eric Lee-Mäder

Rating: 5/5

Pub date: Set. 26, 2023

I had a great time reading this book. I liked how it blended the ecological information about the milkweed plant with beautiful artwork. The book is structured into short chapters and include illustrations that support the text. I almost felt like a kid again reading this book. It made me think more about plants and the ecosystems that they grow in.

Have you read these books? I’d love to hear what you thought!

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