June 2023 Blog Post Round Up

June flew by so fast! I’ve still been struggling a little bit with my scheudle at work. We work 9 hour days Monday through Thursday. The 3 day weekends are nice but the longer days during the week are rough too! This month we went on a short vacation to Cloudcroft, New Mexico. We rented a townhome for two days and went hiking in the Lincoln National Forest. The hike we chose to do the Osha Trail. I loved being in the trees and higher elevation. It was a perfect about of challenge for us with my 3 year old in tow. She hiked about half of it and we carried her for the other half. We saw a deer and two chipmunks. There was some bear scat but luckily we didn’t encounter any.

Here are my photos from this month!


I’ve been trying out a few other patterns. I’ve made a tissue pocket, glasses case, and pocket tote. It’s been a fun challenge to make these crafts!

Book Reviews

I hope you had a great month! Thanks for reading!


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