May 2023 Blog Post Round Up

It’s finally summer season! At work, our scheduled has adjusted to work 9 hours Monday – Thursday with 3 day weekends. The days that I work feel so long but the long weekends are nice. My daughter and I have just been doing simple fun things together on the weekends. I’ll share some photos down below. She’s been showing interest in coloring, painting, and doing puzzles. And of course we have been spending more time outside. I got a new patio set and I’ve been enjoying it while my daughter plays outside.

Last month, I complained that we haven’t had any rain in awhile. Well, we finally started getting some in May. Not a whole lot, but more than April for sure. I think we’ve had cloudy weather at least a few days every week. It’s been nice considering our summers are usually very hot and dry.


I’ve taken a break from working on my quilt and have been just doing small little projects. I rearranged our spare bedroom so I could have an actual sewing set up. So far I’ve made some lanyards and key fobs.

Book Reviews

I had alot of book reviews for May! Three of the books were fairly short reads, so I was able to read more books this month.

I hope you had a great month! Thanks for reading!

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