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April 2023 Blog Post Round Up


Hello, friends! It’s that time of school year where I always think about the science from I Love Lucy where she’s working in the chocolate factory and they can’t keep up with assembling the chocolates! If you haven’t seen it, check it out here…it’s one of my favorites! I used to love watching I Love Lucy when I was a kid. I remember when it would come on Nick at Nite.

The school semester where I work ends in about two weeks. I’m ready for the summer for when things start to slow down. There are a few projects at the library that I’m looking forward to working on. Such as making library tutorials, weeding, and working with our small archives collection.

The weather has been changing here as spring rolls in. Temperatures have been fluctuating between the 70°s to 90°s. We have nice days but also days where it gets very windy and it’s common for dust storms to occur. We don’t have alot of trees or grass in our area, so there’s nothing to hold down the dirt when it’s windy! You just see the sky turn brown with all the dust. I can probably count on one hand how many times we’ve had rain!

My daughter and I have been spending a little more time outside and enjoy sitting on our cushion out on the front porch. Here are some photos of our April adventures.

Quilting Project

I haven’t worked a whole lot on the quilt this month. I did put together my pinwheel blocks but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. I just stowed it away until motivation to work on it again hits. Here are some of my pinwheels. I’m missing photos of the llama pattern with solid pink and the llama pattern with solid black.

Book Reviews

I read alot of ARC’s this month. Reading ARC’s has been a fairly new thing for me. I have two more books to finish reading and then I’ll be caught up!

Games and Rituals by Katherine Heiny

Rating: 4/5 What It’s About: The games and rituals performed by Katherine Heiny’s characters range from mischievous and edgy to tenderly touching. In “Damascus,” a…

The Lost Wife by Susanna Moore

Rating: 3/5 What It’s About: In the summer of 1855, Sarah Brinton abandons her husband and child to make the long and difficult journey to…

I hope you had a great month! Thanks for reading!

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