Updates on September Life Stuff

A Mid-month Check In

Hello, friends! September has been a super busy month for me. First, I have been participating in the Hispanic Heritage Month committee at my work. I put a Smithsonian poster exhibit and book display up at my library. It came out really nice and I’m quite proud of it! We will also have a book club meeting to discuss some of the things that we are reading. Here are some photos!

My Fitness Challenge

Another thing is that I’m participating in a community fitness challenge for the month of September. The challenge is to work out for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. I’ve missed two days so far but I haven’t given up! It’s been a long time since I’ve been consistent with exercise. This has been a great opportunity to getback into the habit. Most of my exercise has been yoga and I use an app called Down Dog. I really love how customizable the app is. And I use the free version. The pro version has even more options to customize. Here are some of the settings that are available:

  • workout length
  • typeof yoga practice
  • experience level
  • pace
  • instructors voice
  • music

Once you select your settings, it populates a yoga practice for you. Which is really nice because no practice is the same. Since I’ve been getting back into practicing, I’ve been able to move up to a beginner 2 experience level. So far my favorite practice types are full practice, restorative, hatha, and gentle vinyasa. I want to try more practices using the flexibility flow and yin settings. My posture, mobility, and balance has improved alot in the two weeks that I’ve been participating so far. The Down Dog company also has other apps. I want to try the meditation and barre apps.

Shows and Movies

I’ve also been watching alot of shows and a few movies lately. I finally finished watching A League of their Own on Amazon. I enjoyed most of it but the romance in the series wasn’t really for me. I wanted to see more of the team and general life during that time period. Rings of Power and House of the Dragon are the other two shows I have currently been watching. My husband and I have been watching Rings of Power together and we’ve both really enjoyed it. I like House of the Dragon enough to keep watching, but I’m not quite sure yet how I feel about the show.

I tried to watch Thor: Love and Thunder with my husband but I didn’t last very long. The comedy in the beginning was good at first but then the jokes and humor started to feel too forced. We watched B.J. Novak’s film, Vengeance recently also. It’s set in west Texas, which is where I live. Yee-haw! 🤠 It was an amazing movie, but it could be my personal bias. There was a nice mix of humor and drama.

Reading Life

Unfortunately, because of all the other things listed above, I haven’t been reading very much this month. And to be honest, it’s been nice to take a break. The last two books I read were not that great and I feel like I just need to step back for a little while. I am reading one book right now, Senlin Ascends. I’m having issues reading it on my Kindle so I’ve been having to use my phone. I’m about 75% through. Hopefully I can finish it soon because I need to read something for my book club meeting coming up in October. I’m exited for the book club because I’ve never participated in one before! I’ll let y’all know how it goes!

I hope you are having an amazing month!

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