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July Blog Post Round Up

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There wasn’t much going on for me during July. Mostly just getting used to my new job and change in work schedule. I am getting back into listening to audiobooks. The Libby app makes it really easy to borrow audiobooks from the library and I love how it has a note taking feature that’s available while you’re listening. I’m trying to get back into reading print books, but I still prefer e-book or audiobook. It’s not as easy for me to mark places, take notes, or read at night. I also wish I could adjust the text size on a print book! The words are always so small! I feel like I hunch over trying to read them. Another thing that is frustrating is that the books that I want to read that are often only available in print at my library. Sigh…I’ll make it work somehow.

Here are my July posts!

I hope you had a great month! Thanks for reading!

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