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August Book Releases

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Hi, friends!

I’ve been wanting to get back into keeping up with new book releases. Here are some of the books that I plan to watch out for at the library or book deals. My personal favorite place to look for reviews on new books is Kirkus Reviews. So on this post, I will include the book cover, link to the review, genre, audience, and brief comment from the Kirkus review. Maybe you will add some of these books to your list!

Just Another Love Song by Kerry Winfrey

Genre: Romance

Audience: Adult

A warm, heartfelt novel that’ll get stuck in your head like your favorite love song.

What’s Coming to Me by Francesca Padilla

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Audience: Teen/Young Adult

A powerful, genre-blending page-turner. 

All This Could Be Different

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult

Resplendent with intelligence, wit, and feeling.

Emergency: A Pastoral Novel by Daisy Hildyard

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult

A stunning book—a balm for our times—containing the incredible gift of the everyday.

Terraform edited by Brian Merchant & Claire L. Evans

Genre: Science Fiction – Short Stories

Audience: Adult

These dark, witty, and occasionally mournful stories will thoroughly satisfy readers looking for creative new dystopias.

Witches by Brenda Lozano

Genre: Fiction / Paranormal Fiction

Audience: Adult

A fascinating immersion into a little-known world, written with tenderness and humanity.

Didn’t Nobody Give a Shit What Happened to Carlotta by James Hannah

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult

A brash, ambitious novel carried by an unforgettable narrator.

The Spear Cuts Though Water by Simon Jimenez

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: Adult

Lyrical, evocative, part poem, part prose—not to be missed by anyone, especially fans of historical fantasy and folktale.

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