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April Blog Post Round Up

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No April Showers…

Sadly, we still haven’t gotten any rain over in my area! 🥵 It’s like we had no spring! Our temperatures are already getting into the 90’s. We have 19 days left of the school year and I am just so drained. In April, the students just finished their first round of end of year testing. The older grades are getting ready to take their STAAR benchmark tests in May. I can’t wait until summer break finally get’s here.

Blogging and Crafts

My motivation for blogging has been a bit low. I’m still reading but am behind on writing my book reviews. I currently have two reviews that I need to write for Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson and Parachutes by Kelly Yang. Instead of blogging, I’ve started a stamped cross stitch project. The stamped pattern works really well for me right now because I can easily start and stop whenever I need to and work on it mindlessly while I watch tv. I ordered a bunch of stamps cross stitch kids from (I am not an affiliate or anything) and I liked all of the different patterns and styles that they had available. It took a long time for them to get here, but I’m pleased so far with the kits. This is the one I’m working on right now. It’s coming out nicely so far.


Gardens and Gaming

Over the the winter, I really neglected the yard so now there’s alot of clean up that I need to do. Little H and I have been spending more time outside. It has made me very tired but has also helped with anxiety and stress. And I’m happy that my Little H is getting to play outside more. Some of my favorite childhood memories were from playing outside and just making up things to do. I love to see Little H dig in the dirt, play in the mud, collect rocks and sticks, and bond with our two dogs. I’ll share some photos in the Extra section of this post!

My husband got a new gaming computer and I play Skyrim on it every now and then. It has been fun to play. Skyrim was one of my favorite games back in college. It brings back many feelings of nostalgia. I finally saw Spiderman: No Way Home. It was so much fun to watch! I also watched The Batman but I’m still not sure if I liked it…it was such a long movie!! It took me a couple days to watch. I worked on my cross stitch the whole time haha!

I hope you guys had a wonderful April and Easter holiday!

Let’s get this round up started!

Book Reviews


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