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March Blog Post Round Up

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What happened in March…

I glad to say that March went alot better than February. Several things probably contributed to the decrease in stress and anxiety. We had a week off for Spring Break at school, so we finally got a little rest. I have been taking CBD dummies daily and it seems to be helping with the anxiety, stress, and sleep.

I’ve also changed my mindset a little more when it comes to work and have been trying to set more boundaries to help keep me from stress overload. I just have two more months to finish this school year and then I’ll be switching to my new job! I’m so excited. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The college where I will be working at seems to be a great place to work and I’m hoping that turns out to be true.

I was in a bit of a reading rut for about a week or so this month. I took some time off of reading and did some spring cleaning around the house. Now I’m feeling back into the swing things as April begins! The weather has been really nice temperature wise. We just need some rain over here in the west Texas desert! Our area is in an extreme drought right now. There have been alot of wildfires happening all over the region. I hope we get some rain soon…

Let’s get this round up started!

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