February Blog Post Round Up

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What happened in February…

This February has felt weird. Each week felt like they went by super slow, but the whole month went by quickly. I guess it felt short because it’s a short month. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The COVID cases at school finally died down this month which was good because things started to get back to normal. I’ve been struggling alot this month with anxiety and depression. I went to my family doctor to get a referral to help with all these feelings…so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve had episodes of depression since I was in college but I was usually able to work through it.

After having my daughter and getting this teaching job, the anxiety and stress has really kicked up into high gear. My husband’s work 12-hour shift schedule makes it hard too. Right now I just take over the counter stress supplements and CBD gummies. I’ve also been feeling like my mind has been very groggy and cloudy. I ordered some MUD/WTR which has several ingredients that I hope will help with that. Teaching takes up all of my energy and mental capacity. I’m feeling pretty burned out. I just have 3 more months of teaching and the year will be done! I’ve got some really exciting news for things coming up in the summer that will lead to some life changes. I can’t wait till I am able to share it with you guys!

Let’s get this round up started!

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    • Thank you! I hope so too. It seems like it has been affecting so many people in society because of the pandemic and the struggle of trying to get back to “normal”.

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