January Blog Post Round Up

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Surviving the first month of 2022

I’m afraid I don’t have many exciting things to share about my life in this round up. I really enjoyed being off for Christmas break, but then it was back to reality after the New Years. Being back in the classroom was tough because both teachers and students had to get back into the school routine. We also had to get all of our middle of the year testing done, which was pretty stressful. I’m already ready for Spring Break to get here. 😩 It felt like January went by slow and fast at the same time! I’ve been able to keep up with some reading and blogging at least. Here lately, I’ve been feeling like doing some crafting but what kind I want to do is up in the air because I’m so tired after school and on the weekends. What little energy I have left goes to my family.

Let’s get this round up started!

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