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I don’t normally like dating shows but…Single’s Inferno on Netflix was totally binge worthy!


My husband and I just finished watching Single’s Inferno on Netflix and we just loved it! I started the first two episodes on my own but then told my husband about it and he watched it with me all the way to the end. The contestants were all good looking and entertaining to watch. I liked that their ages and professions were kept a secret until a certain part of the show. It made all the contestants focus more on their personalities.

Probably one of my favorite things about this show is that Korean romance is ALOT different than what we see in American dating shows. This is not new to existing fans of K-Dramas/shows, but it still surprised me because it is the first Korean reality show that I’ve seen. The contestants shared a nice mix of lighthearted sweetness and serious connections. It was fun to see each person develop relationships and feelings for each other.


We often talked about how if we were watching an American show, there would be alot more physical/sexual interactions, cussing, and fighting over each other. I can count on one hand where the contestants either kissed or held hands in this show. This difference in romantic styles made it more enjoyable to watch because when anything physical actually did happen, it was like a BIG deal.

There are also hosts to the show that watch along and add commentary to what’s happening. I really enjoyed that part too because it felt like we were watching the show with them. Their comments either supported our own opinions or gave us a different perspective to think about. And they were also entertaining to watch on their own. It was almost like a mini show inside the main show! We just had such a fun experience watching and felt so many different emotions. I’m actually really sad that we finished the season already. I hope there are more to come.

Have you seen this show? I’d love to hear what you thought!

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