The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

What It’s About:

Ten years ago outside Browning, Montana, four Blackfeet shot some elk, and then went on with their lives. It happens every year, it’s been happening forever, it’s the way it’s always been. But this time it’s different. Ten years after that fateful hunt, these men are being stalked, are being hunted themselves. By who? By . . . what? And why?

Some hunting expeditions, they’re never really over. This one’s just beginning. 


What I liked:

  • Native American author and characters (from Blackfeet tribe in Montana)
  • seeing life from the perspective of the characters living on a reservation
  • the horror was good but not too scary

I really really wanted to like this book. I did like some things but there were too many factors that made it hard for me to enjoy it overall. The main thing that got me was the writing style. For about 50% of the book, I couldn’t really understand what was going on. The way the story was being told just didn’t make sense to me. There was also a heavy amount of motorcycle, auto, and basketball details and lingo that I had trouble getting through. The characters had potential and I wanted to know more about them and their backstory, but sadly there wasn’t much. Looking at the reviews on Goodreads, there are many readers who liked/loved this book. You may have a different experience reading depending on your interests. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I actually think it would do great on film.

Have you read this book? I’d love to hear what you thought!

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