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Mini Book Reviews – Mexican Gothic, Opium and Absinthe


Hello, friends!

I hope you are staying warm as winter draws near! Here are a couple of books that I have finished recently.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Rating: 3/5

Mexican Gothic was a fun book to read. Just like in the title, this book is filled with gothic novel vibes and is set in a spooky house 1950’s Mexico. The book did take some time to gain some steam but there were lots of spine chilling and eerie parts that made up for it. I was also a bit disappointed in the big reveal of what was really going on in the house. I would say this book has a good mix of gothic and psychological horror. There is some gore but not a whole lot. I get scared easily and made it through this book with just the right amount of scary factor. I loved the fashion in this book. The main character was so stylish! The interview with the author at the end was also super interesting.


Opium and Absinthe by Lydia King

Rating: 4/5

I just LOVE a good historical mystery! My rating for this book might be a bit inflated because it had alot of elements that I just get super nerdy about. The setting of New York City in 1899, was alot of fun. The Gilded Age in America is one of my absolute favorite time periods. The characters in the story were interesting and the world building was the perfect amount of detail for me. The clues and mystery were engaging and kept me on my toes. There were several reveals (including the big one) that surprised me throughout the story. Some other historical things that I liked were the variety of settings in New York, medical practices, opium addiction, and economic/social class differences.


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