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My Daughter’s Current Favorite Board Books (3/11/21)

Little H’s Favorite books this week.

Favorite Books This Week

These are the books that we have been reading before bedtime each week. Little H has been interested in books with babies and kids in them. She loves seeing other kids and I feel so bad that this pandemic has limited her interactions with other kids. We do have a few kids in our immediate family but none that are close to her age. The links that I share are not affiliated. I’m simply sharing so that you can use the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon to preview the pages if you’re interested.

Where is Baby’s Belly Button by Karen Katz

I love books by Karen Katz. The illustrations are so bright and colorful with lots of patterns. Little H loves to lift the flaps. She can open most of them on her own. She gets really excited to see the last baby at the end that is entirely covered by a blanket flap.

All About Me by DK

The pictures are simple and keeps Little H. engaged. The flaps are pretty think and sturdy. They are easy for Little H to get ahold of. The pages alternate in the directions that the flap opens but it’s not too big of an issue.

Elmo by Andrea Posner-Sanchez

There is a series of these Sesame Street character board books. The photos in this one are so cute! They are bright, colorful, and funny. Little H watches Sesame Street often and just recently started saying the word Elmo.

Hands Can by Cheryl Willis Hudson

Both Little H and I like this one the most. The children in this book are closer to her age with some that are a little older. Each photo shows what little hands can do, making them more dynamic to look at. You see photos of children hugging, waving, planting seeds, tying shoes. This book seems to keep Little H’s attention longer and we can act out what the kids are doing in the pictures.

Are there any children’s books that you are reading right now? I’d love to hear about them!

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