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February Blog Post Round Up


Hello, friends!

This month has been kind of stressful for me. Besides having that winter freeze, we have alot of different projects going on at work and I have just been feeling kind of frazzled. For those who don’t know, I work at an academic library that serves a little over 6,000 students. My main duties are to coordinate the Interlibrary Loan services and social media accounts. I am also helping out with a Women’s History Month display and a digitization project focusing on the university’s history. This summer, there will be some major renovations on the first floor of our buildling that is causing alot of stress too. I already feel like I need a vacation (even though I just took one in November!) On the bright side, it was February was a good month for posts!

Let’s get this round up started!

Book Reviews

Bookish Things

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Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy some of my posts!

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