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Hello, friends!

It has been a crazy week for me here in west Texas! The unusual winter freeze has finally melted away. Thankfully, my familly got through it faily well condsidering what many others endured during the freezing temperatures, power outages, and water shutoffs. My social media is flooded with stories about the considerable damages resulting from busted water pipes, cases of carbon monoxide poisoning, people and animals freezing to death. It’s all very tragic and has created a huge blacklash against the energy/power crisis that occured.

On the bright side, Little H (my 1 year old daughter) played in the snow for the first time in her life. It only lasted a few mintues but I will always remember the smile on her face! I hope you had a better week than we did…now on to the blog post digest.

New Bloging Milestones And Winter Storms

Hello, friends! I’ve reached 50 followers! Thank you for following me on this blogging journey. For this milestone desktop wallpaper download, I’ve been really inspired…

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