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5 Reasons Why I Love My Kindle


It’s probably been at least a year since I’ve read from a print book. I remember ordering my Kindle Paperwhite because I wanted to be able to read in bed with the lighted screen. I had no idea that I would grow to love it so much. Here are my 5 reasons why:

  1. The portability – No matter how many books I carry with me, the size of the Kindle stays the same.
  2. The lighted screen- I have the Kindle Paperwhite with the lighted screen. It is a total game changer for reading in bed. I also have fond memories of reading while rocking my baby to sleep.
  3. The ability to be discreet – Being able to read without letting the whole world know what I’m reading is another advantage.
  4. The built in dictionary and Wikipedia access – This has come in handy so many times! When I come across a word that I don’t know, I just highlight the word and it will bring up a small window with the information without exiting the actual ebook.
  5. The highlighting and notes option – I rarely took notes with print books. But now I use these highlight/note tool to mark up things to refer to later when writing my book reviews.

I don’t think I’ll stick to only reading e-books forever, but it works for now. Are you an ebook reader? What are some of your favorite things about it?

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