How I Save Money on Books and My December Book Haul

Confession: It appears that I have a new addiction (sort of). Like many avid readers, I had a habit of buying lots of books. One of my favorite things to do was to go to Barnes & Noble and spend so much money on books. After I had my daughter in 2019, my habits have changed slightly and I started buying ebooks instead of print books. It was a struggle for me to find the time to go physically to the store and they took up alot of space in my house.

What I do is check the Kindle Ebook Deals every day to see what books are available. They have different types of deals such as monthly, daily, or weekly deals. You kind of have to click through to see what is on sale but to me it’s worth it because I normally don’t pay more than $5 for a title. Actually, before I go straight to Amazon, I check the Book Riot website because they search through Amazon every day and list deals on popular titles in fiction and non-fiction. I am not affiliated with either of these websites and only want to share how I save money.

The cool thing is that I can buy more books for less money. For example, I bought 12 books this month with each one ranging from $1.99 to $4.99. So I spent about $60 or less on 12 books with many of them being newish and/or popular titles. I get so excited when there is a deal on a book that I have been really wanting to read! Which surprisingly happens frequently.

Now I just have to decide what to do with my extra money! Just kidding! I have a baby…all my money goes to diapers…

My December Book Haul

Here’s a quick list of what I got this month. Click on the cover image to see it on Amazon. You might be lucky and still catch it on sale! I almost always check Goodreads before I buy a book to make sure it’s something I want spend money on to make time for reading. The number of books I buy varies depending on what goes on sale that month.

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